Thursday, June 19, 2008


Major(R)Khalid Nasr

“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE---- “ The bush doctrine on Terrorism is a classic demonstration of pride on prejudice against ISLAM. Mr. Gorge Bush inherited this prejudice from his father but he is demonstrating much greater pride on his prejudice. The JEHAD for freedom & survival by MUSLIMS is Terrorism in the eyes of Mr. Bush. Israel’s aggression against the innocent people of Lebanon was taken by Bush as a justified act of survival by Israel. After the cold war between America and Russia, the concept of NEW WORLD ORDER has emerged in which America and Israel are joining hands against MUSLIMS just to show their superiority over the rest of the world. Their ultimate motive is to divide the MUSLIM countries into SHIA and SUNNI blocks and make them fight against each other. This is high time that the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) should play its role to unite the MUSLIM countries against any aggression. Instead of being divided into SHIA and SUNNI blocks MUSLIMS should think about a UNITED STATE OF ISLAM. _________________WISHING YOU HEALTH & HAPPINESS. MAJOR(R) KHALID NASR

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Yasmeen said...

I agree 200%.
The powers have been defining these terms according to their requirements. Is'ent it about time we do so AS PER OURS?