Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mind-set change in Muslim world

Mind-set change in Muslim world :Major(R)Khalid Nasr

Keeping in view the intentions of Israel & USA in the new world order, it is high time that we , the muslims must be proactive enough to change our mind-set.The OIC must be more effective & proactive.Alone we are nothing--united ,we are a big thing.
Muslims must seriously introspect on determining their tragic predicament,because the Muslims have abondoned rational thinking. Their anger is justified for the way they are maligned and their glorious achievements are undermined. But anger must not be expressed through counter-anger. We need to answer and rebut all vicious and false propaganda through logic and rational arguments.

The entire West it is not against us, and its not as monolithic as we tend to think.The Muslims could have prevented the massacre of Iraq; but disjointed as we are, the enemy was able to systematically exploit the Muslims.Iran in the main target of our enemies but I foresee a very important role by Iran in the region in the coming scenario.

It is through a change in our mind-set that we can face the challenges we encounter through a collective paradigm of strategic defiance; otherwise the systematic weakening of the muslim countries will continue . The need of the hour is a collective wisdom and effort.In my opinion , we must consider a United States of Islam .

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jameelzaidi7 said...

Muslim Ummah is a patient in Oxygen tent suffering from dyspnoea (breathing difficulty) & muscular degenerative changes resulting in syncope i.e a condition in old age in which the brain stops responding to external signals for a short while.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was perhaps the first person having realized this national disorder on the occasion of War of Independence-1857 and suggested remedies which were effective for a while & then it again went in a state of slumber due to its inability to adjust withe the requirements of the New World Order.The need of the hour is to make the Ummah realize that 'constant vigilance is the price of liberty' and an eternal watch is perhaps the only guarantee for our survival as an Ummah; othe rwise a very very brief mention of our existence would be the only evidence of our survival. It is strange thata socio-religious community with a very very weak political will owns a chunk of mineral, oil, diamond, and other resources; whose masses continue to live below poverty line for want of political leadership and the desire to change. They have received many jolts in the past from Mongol invasion to the rise of Western civilization; but they still continue arguing as to' how many angels can stand on the sharper edge of a needle'. It is high time indeed for the Oil Exporting countries to look for guarantees for the survival ; simultaneously ensuring socio-economic uplift with the possible exploitation of our resources; failing which History would be justified in condemning & putting us to Shame for .........
Jameel Zaidi