Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Open Letter To President Of Pakistan : Major (R) Khalid Nasr Mr. President! Nobody can deny the fact that you took over with good intentions to serve your nation. You always kept Pakistan First in all your decisions and actions. You improved the global image of Pakistan to the extent that today, Muslim Ummah seeks guidance from you to settle their own issues. You had been fighting against terrorism and fundamentalism in spite of internal and external resistance. You gave us the concept of enlightened moderation. Foreign investment in Pakistan has increased considerably during your tenure although the law and order situation remained un favorable since 9/11.You are the only one who addressed Indian Media like a loin in their own territory. You are the one who preferred to die rather than land your aircraft in Indian Territory. You are the one who talked to Mr. Tony Blair and Mr. Bush eye into eye on issues of Pakistan’s interest. But, Mr. President! Unfortunately, your popularity in the common man decreased with the passage of time, simply because the fruits of our improving economy never passed down to the common man. Now, Mr. President! You must do some thing for the common man. You must ensure additional relief in utilities like electricity, telephone and natural gas. You must ensure a substantial decrease in petroleum prices. The pay and pension of government servants need at least thirty percent increase to meet the inflation rate. Finally, Mr. President! You must develop a system of a controlled democracy to counter the security risks. The National Security Council must be empowered to play its role so that there is no need for Martial Law in future. Pakistan Army needs love not hatred by her country men. You have done a lot for your Sohni Dherti, so kindly do this last act of kindness for your nation before you decide to step down gracefully without any impeachment. May GOD bless you. Long live Pakistan. ALLAH HAFIZ.


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