Thursday, June 19, 2008



PAKISTAN-----my Sohni Dherti is undergoing a very critical situation .This critical situation demands a lot from our political leaders and our heart & soul---our beloved Media. There is a strong need of a change in our mind-set . It is said "service before self ". Have we ever practiced it in Pakistan? Pakistan needs Patriots----not “Patriot PPP “ but patriots in real sense . Pakistan should come first & foremost rather than our personal interest . National Reconciliation—is it in personal interest or national interest?? Our beloved Media had been painting a very negative picture about the situation in Pakistan that led to Emergency & PCO. We are still suffering from the after effects of the PCO & Emergency.This is high time that we should have a positive & realistic approach-----may it is our media or political leaders .The nation has tried & tested the role played by our political leaders but now a change in their mind-set is the need of the day .The Media must also mend her ways and try to see the half-filled glass . In my opinion the glass is always full---with air ---if not with liquid .Our political leaders have agreed on removing Musharaf but they do not have an agenda or approved alternative leadership . Every political leader has personal aspirations. Our political parties must develop some ethics & rules of business. My nation is tired of listening to PPP disclosing the corruption stories of Nawaz League and Nawaz league charging Mr. Ten Percent.Now they are united ---is it national interset or personal interest?How long this marrige of covenience would cotinue.Our leadership is not serious even to them selves.They are just wandering in the vision analog. Let us be sincere to our –selves if not to our nation. I am personally against military take –overs -----but unfortunately it was always our political elite that invited military Generals. I request media & our political leaders to change their mind set and let the democratic process continue. WISHING YOU HEALTH & HAPPINESS. MAJOR(R) KHALID NASR

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