Friday, June 20, 2008


HR development for HVACR Industry
By Major(R)Khalid Nasr
Human Resource Development had remained a neglected area in Pakistan both in Public & Private Sectors. Present Government is taking some positive steps in this field. Business success in Pakistan is measured in terms of profitability & tangible assets of a business. This paradigm has now shifted to Quality of Human Resource. It is the quality of Human Resource that will determine chances of success or failure in business. Human Resource Development means investing in your people, training them for their best performance in their present job and developing them for their future roles. As competition is becoming more intense, the quality of Human Resource is becoming increasingly important. Companies are forced to develop human resources for their economic survival. Nations develop human resources for economic prosperity. Individuals develop themselves for better employability & progress.

Importance of HR Development for HVACR
HVACR is a very technical industry, which need a fully trained & developed workforce. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to develop the skills base & intellectual capital the organization requires as well as ensuring that the right quality of people are available to meet present & future needs. Technological innovations require training for affected employees. Competitive pressures are also changing the ways organizations operate and the skills that their employees need. HVACR has to take a proactive approach towards the development of its Human Resource.
Total quality management implementation is as important in the training & development of HVACR Human Resource as it is for the products of HVACR because it is not only the gun but the man behind the gun is equally important for success / victory. HR Development is concerned with the provision of learning, development & training opportunities in order to improve individual, team and organizational performance.

Categorization of HR in HVACR Industry for the purpose of Training & Development

a. Skilled labour
b. Semi-skilled labour
Mechanics & Technicians for Installation of HVACR Equipment
Engineers for Designing & Supervision
Staff for Operations & Maintenance
Sales Force
Managerial Staff for Administration

HVACR’s Strategy For HR Development

HVACR should develop a strategy focusing on a learning organization providing an environment in which employees are geared to learn & develop with appropriate support & guidance. The HRD Strategy developed by HVACR should address the critical success factors of the business in the field of product ___ market development, innovation and cost leadership. The HRD Strategy should demonstrate the real link between learning, development and business performance while indicating how these activities will add value and contribute to the achievement of competitive advantage. HVACR Industry should focus on six-factor model of learning organization:
1. Shared Vision
2. Conducive Learning Environment
3. Supportive Culture
4. Empowering Management
5. Motivated Workforce
6. Enhanced Learning
training & development of labour
a. Skilled Labour
· Specialization Courses
· On the Job Training
· Task Force
· Lectures / Presentations
· Quality Circles
· Employee Assistance Program (EAP) / Centers
b. Semi- Skilled Labour
· On the Job Training
· Demonstration
· Coaching & Counseling
· Apprenticeship Programs
· Employee Assistance Program (EAP) / Centers

training & development of mechanics & technicians
· External Training Courses
· Observation & Practice
· Special Assignments
· Coaching & Counseling
· Job Rotation
· Junior Management Boards

training & development of engineers
· Junior Management Board
· Task Forces
· Role Playing
· Specialization Courses
· Management Development Programs
· Case Studies
· Project / Special Assignments

training & development of sales force
· Presentations & Workshops
· Role Playing
· Personality Development Course
· Coaching & Counseling by Marketing Consultants
· Market Research Assignments
· Brain Storming Exercises

management development
Development of managerial staff is the application of planned efforts to assists in maintaining & improving managers for effective achievement of organizational goals. Management development begins by defining goals, assessing management staff’s weaknesses & strengths and developing a long-range plan. Training programs are then established & implemented and finally they are evaluated for effectiveness. Management development should produce the desired change in behaviour.
Following techniques are suggested for development of managerial staff in HVACR Industry:
· External Courses
· In-house Seminars / Workshops
· Guided Self Study
· Mentors
· Task Force
· Management Boards
· Assistant – to – Positions

organizational development for hvacr industry
Organizational Development is a planned & calculated attempt to change the beliefs, attitudes and structure of an organization to adapt to new technologies and market demands in a global competition.
The Organizational Development Techniques / Approaches for HVACR Industry are the following three:
1. Survey Feedback: Organization members are interviewed or a questionnaire is circulated to get their views on the organizational procedures & processes and any change desired by them.
2. Team Building: It focuses on goal setting, interpersonal relations and role analysis.
3. Third Party Intervention: It involves hiring the services of Human Resource Development Consultants.

The real need of today and the future have changed for developing learned managers to learning managers. The model manager is a multiplier manager who brings in synergy in the team thus enhancing & multiplying the outcome / productivity. The learning manager of today stresses participative learning and relates personal knowledge & skill to the projected tomorrow. To learn something new, we have to unlearn certain things that demand a proper attitude towards learning.
The training & development programs simply make a person aware of the growth possibilities and encourage self- help. The urge to acquire knowledge & skill must be strong within the individual that requires proper motivation.

A comprehensive approach, envisaging all possible aspects of Human Resource Development & Management cirsumscribing almost all the essential attributes. I have seldom seen an introduction with so few words with so much of substance. Major (Retired) Khalid Nasr has contributed a really valuable compact article summarising the essentialities & modalities of the subject. I wish him the best of luck & a lot of appreciation from those who read this article. Jameel Zaidi.


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