Monday, July 14, 2008

Four Life Changing Emotions

Four Life Changing Emotions: Major(R)Khalid Nasr
Emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Emotions are fuel and the mind is the pilot, which together propel the ship of civilized progress. There are four life changing emotions: 1.DISGUST:One does not usually equate the word "disgust" with positive action. Properly channeled, disgust can change a person's life. The person who feels disgusted has reached a point of no return. He or she is ready to throw down the gauntlet at life and say, "I've had it!" Yes, productive feelings of disgust come when a person says, "Enough is enough." There is nothing so life-changing as gut-wrenching disgust! 2.DECISION: Most of us need to be pushed to the wall to make decisions. And once we reach this point, we have to deal with the conflicting emotions that come with making them. We have reached a fork in the road. Whatever you do, don't camp at the fork in the road. Decide. It's far better to make a wrong decision than to not make one at all. Each of us must confront our emotional turmoil and sort out our feelings. 3.DESIRE:How does one gain desire? I don't think I can answer this directly because there are many ways. But I do know two things about desire: It comes from the inside not the outside.
It can be triggered by outside forces.
Almost anything can trigger desire. It's a matter of timing as much as preparation. It might be a song that tugs at the heart. It might be a memorable sermon. It might be a movie, a conversation with a friend, a confrontation with the enemy, or a bitter experience. Therefore, while searching for your "hot button" of pure, raw desire, welcome into your life each positive experience. Don't erect a wall to protect you from experiencing life. The same wall that keeps out your disappointment also keeps out the sunlight of enriching experiences. So let life touch you. The next touch could be the one that turns your life around. 3.RESOLVE:Resolve says, "I will." These two words are among the most potent in the English language--- "I WILL". Benjamin Disraeli, the great British statesman, once said, "Nothing can resist a human will that will stake even its existence on the extent of its purpose." In other words, when someone resolves to "do or die," nothing can stop him. The best definition for "resolve" I've ever heard is "resolve means promising yourself you will never give up." That's it! That's the best definition I've ever heard: PROMISE YOURSELF YOU'LL 4.NEVER GIVE UP: Be steadfast and show persistence.Try ,try again.

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