Saturday, July 12, 2008

Empowering Beliefs

Empowering Beliefs: Major(R)Khalid Nasr
I believe that all we need in our nation at this juncture of time is set of empowering beliefs in order to motivate us each day. The world is full of self-proclaimed victims, and sadly, it has become the cancer of our times. An empowering set of beliefs can help us create our own destiny, and put us firmly in charge of our future. Everything in life is a choice, but if you make a poor choice, there could be consequences. Life is truly full of choices -we have to empower ourself! Action Steps : 1.Find your motivator:We all need motivators, and for most of us, it is that carrot sitting just out of reach.Set some goals for ourselves and then decide what our motivators are going to be, and put them in writing. Post them on the refrigerator, your office, or wherever you will see them frequently. You will be amazed at your results! 2.Reward yourself throughout the day :If you want to improve your productivity and reduce stress, try the checklist method. Buy a steno notepad and write down all of the personal and professional tasks that you need to accomplish in the near future. Start each day by taking a pencil and prioritizing the top 5 items that you want to tackle (1 through 5.) As you complete each of the tasks, cross them out with a yellow highlight felt tip pen. You will be delighted with how good you feel each time you get to cross the items off. As new tasks evolve, simply add them to the list. Each day you should erase the previous day's priority rankings (1 to 5) written in pencil, and you will create a new priority for each day. You will find that this method reduces stress dramatically because a big part of stress is trying to retain all the tasks you have to perform. Writing them all down allows your mind to find "down time," which will also allow you to sleep better at night. Always keep a notepad in your nightstand or near your bed, so if you think of something important, you can write it down and get back to a peaceful night sleep (and not worry about trying to remember it until morning.) 3.Reduce stress - stop reading newspapers! So much of our day-to-day stress is actually a matter of our environment and we don't realize it. One way to reduce stress for many of us is to stop reading local newspapers: Local newspapers are always full of child abductions, rapes, murders, beatings, carjackings, fires, and other dramatic events. They also seem to get sensationalized too much since that is what the readers seem to gravitate to. Whether we subconsciously know it or not, we internalize these tragedies and retain them in our knowledge base. Determination is that extra little push that sets you apart from the crowd. With enough determination, goals never before thought possible can be achieved.

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