Saturday, August 16, 2008

Should Musharraf be accorded a safe passage?

Musharraf is left with no options but to quit. All those who were on his side have abandoned him, may be high but not dry as yet.

Any institution or a force that would try and negotiate a safe passage for Musharraf would not go down well with people in general and those who have been directly hit by Musharraf regime in particular.

At no cost Musharraf should be allowed a safe passage, let’s stop here to make fun of our own land and people. Let the law take it's course, why should we allow the viceroy of the foreign powers let go escort free?

Those who are trying to broker his safe passage, can they replace the losses of the poor innocent people who have been killed, maimed, tortured, humiliated, jailed, transported to G,Bay and other secret places around the world.

Who would compensate for the thousands of innocent lives in Lal Masjid? These poor students, mostly girls were killed at the behest of Musharraf even after a deal had been brokered. Why, were they less humans?

If army only wants to step in just to save an ex chief who has been a criminal, a war mongerer, a die hard lover and supporter of the Jews, who has worked relentlessly to sow all the seeds of discord in Pakistan. A person who challenged the Islam loving and other Allah fearing people, people who wanted to see the rule of Shariah as unacceptable to him and he launched army against them, does he deserve any symphathy?

Who transported Dr Afifa Siddiqi, who allowed the rapers of Dr Fauzia at Sibi a safe passage after that trecherous crime?

Army remains our national pride, did he not create a hatred for the army amongst the minds of the people? Army's graph had never been so low with the people as it went down now. Has he not destroyed or tried to destroy every institution of ours? All for the person of Parvez Musharraf, so people still think that he deserves any sympathy or soft corner?

Who will pay for the blood of 50 or so people killed in Karachi on 12th May 2007? Who will pay for the blood of soldiers killed in Kargil just for his misadventure?

The list is long that can not be summarised here.

All those who are trying to give him a safe passage would stand answerable before Allah for all the crimes that he committed just for his whims.

Not only he but all those who were responsible and his associates in these heinous crimes must also be tried.

The blood of my people is very precious; no one can be allowed to play holi with it.

Wake up everyone wake up, we all would be answerable to Allah for keeping our mum.

Opinion Maker


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